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Pika Super Wallpaper APK Download For Android

Sometimes it’s a hassle to find wallpapers for your Android device. That’s why apps like Pika! Super Wallpaper exists – they make it easy to get lots of wallpapers, both live and still ones. With Pika! Super Wallpaper, you can pick from a bunch of wallpapers to jazz up your device. They’ve got all sorts of themes like superheroes, sports cars, and movie wallpapers.

The app has different sections for different types of wallpapers. In the Super Wallpapers section, some are free, but for others, you’ll need to watch ads to unlock them. Each ad you watch earns you a credit that you can use to unlock those wallpapers.

Usually, it takes one credit to unlock each wallpaper, but fancier ones might need more. If you want a quicker way to unlock them, you can watch a 30-second ad. These wallpapers can be used for your home, lock, and loading screens.

In the Wallpaper section, there’s a variety of photos to choose from. Some are panoramic and move when you tilt your device. If you prefer still images, just tap the box at the bottom. You can also save wallpapers you like by pressing “like” or simply save them to your gallery.

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