About Us

My name is Ratna Sardar. I’m a blogger and housewife. My age is 46 years. I live in Kolkata city of India. I graduated from Jadavpur University.
Let’s guys know about my blogger journey.
I wanted to be a blogger so, I started learning to blog when I was 20 years old.
My family members are not so advanced, they thought the internet is a bad place. So I don’t get family support. But I didn’t give up. I learned to blog from YouTube and the Internet.
I came to this field to prove my family wrong and earn some money And I also had success. Currently, I have a lot of websites and I also make money from the internet.
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If you want to contact me, then you can mail (tachavik@gmail.com) to this email id. Apart from this, you will also be able to contact me by going to the “Contact Us” page.

About HBD Wishes Website

On this website, I have shared entertainment-related news in English. If you want to read daily news then you can follow our website.