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Will Alexa Bliss be part of Uncle Howdy’s new faction Wyatt 6?

Despite Bray Wyatt’s passing months ago, WWE continues to honour his legacy. His influence might see a revival in 2024, with hints suggesting a Wyatt family comeback. There’s been talk about the return of ‘Wyatt 6’ and who might join. A recent Monday Night Raw QR code hinted at Alexa Bliss returning to WWE. While Alexa Bliss is expected to join Wyatt 6, her exact return date is unclear. Bliss, a former women’s champion, played a key role in the Bray Wyatt Universe. Alongside Sister Abigail and Wyatt, she brought fear to WWE. After Wyatt’s death and her pregnancy, Bliss took a break following her match against Bianca Belair in early 2023.

Hints about her return have surfaced, including Uncle Howdy’s warnings to ‘run and hide.’ A fan found footage suggesting this might refer to Bliss. In her feud with Belair, Bliss told her to “run and hide,” similar to lines in the ‘Preparing for a Massacre’ video. Rumours of Bliss’s comeback also emerged in May when fans saw a woman resembling Bliss backstage during a Raw episode. Bliss could renew her rivalry with Belair. The video fuels speculation about her return after nearly a year away. With WWE lacking top stars due to injuries or contract issues, now could be the perfect time for Bliss’s return. Although Bliss denied knowing about Uncle Howdy on social media, all signs point to her significant return.

It’s unclear if she’ll join the trio from the start or be kept as a surprise until SummerSlam. As WWE continues to evolve, the potential return of Alexa Bliss and the Wyatt 6 faction adds an exciting layer of anticipation. Whether she joins from the beginning or makes a dramatic entrance later, fans are eager to see how this storyline unfolds. Stay tuned for more updates and surprises in the WWE Universe. Don’t forget to share your thoughts and theories in the comments below!

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