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Alexa Bliss shows off new look amid WWE return rumours

Alexa Bliss has been on a break from WWE since January 2023, sparking rumours about her possible return. Recently, Bliss shared her new look on social media, hinting at a comeback. Bliss initially stepped away from wrestling to undergo treatment for skin cancer before announcing her pregnancy. She and her husband, Ryan Cabrera, welcomed their daughter, Hendrix Rouge, on November 27, 2023. In her Instagram stories, the “Wicked Witch of WWE” showcased a new look with messy hair and mascara, reminiscent of her dark character from her time with Bray Wyatt. She captioned the post, “In my messy hair & mascara era.”

Bliss’ last WWE appearance was at the Royal Rumble 2023, where she unsuccessfully challenged Bianca Belair for the RAW Women’s Championship. At that time, Bliss was hinting at a return to her darker persona following Bray Wyatt’s return. Bliss had to take a break to treat skin cancer caused by frequent tanning bed use. She also appeared in a documentary about Bray Wyatt, who passed away in August of the previous year. WWE recently teased Bliss’ return on RAW. The Wyatt Sicks debuted two weeks ago on WWE RAW, causing chaos backstage. The group, named for its six members, includes Uncle Howdy, Abby the Witch, Ramblin’ Rabbit, Mercy the Buzzard, and Huskus the Pig.

Speculation is high about the identity of the sixth member. Some believe it could be the spirit of Bray Wyatt inside Uncle Howdy’s lantern, while others think it might be Alexa Bliss, given her past association with Wyatt. A potential hint occurred last Monday when Chad Gable arrived at the arena and passed by a production truck featuring Bliss’ face, which fans saw as a deliberate foreshadowing. WWE has used similar tactics before, such as with John Cena and Stone Cold Steve Austin during The Rock’s attack on Cody Rhodes back in March. Cena later appeared at WrestleMania XL, while rumours suggested Austin’s appearance was cancelled due to alleged financial disagreements.

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