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Alexa Bliss’ Wyatt 6 Debut Date Decoded in Stunning Uncle Howdy Theory

Alexa Bliss has yet to return to WWE TV, and despite earlier speculations, she did not come back with Wyatt Sicks. There was a lot of chatter about this happening, but it seems all those plans were scrapped when Wyatt Sicks made their debut. So far, there’s no indication whether Alexa Bliss will join this creepy faction or not, but a recent fan theory has emerged. Some fans rewatching a recent Wyatt Sicks video noticed Erick Rowan holding a piece of paper with the word “Hel” written on it. The theory is that this could be shorthand for “hello” or the only part of the word visible. In Norse mythology, Hel is a female figure who lives in the netherworld and receives a portion of the dead.

This theory suggests that Alexa Bliss could play this female character. Bliss has previously excelled in dark roles, and this could be a foreshadowing of her return to a darker persona. No one knows the story behind this photo, and these are just assumptions from a Twitter user named @RS1Banks. The tweet said, “Erik Rowan’s post has me thinking as I’ve seen hinted at already why post ‘hel**’, and also the image in his video on purpose has the hammer cropped to just show ‘HEL’. Now it could just be ‘hello’ OR it could be in reference to ‘Hel’ from Norse Mythology (I don’t take credit for this – it has been posted before just not sure by who). Hel is a female being who resides in the underworld and receives a portion of the dead. Now is this hinting to Alexa as a higher power in the group??”

While it remains to be seen if the theory is correct, Alexa Bliss is currently taking some time away from WWE and missed Wyatt Sicks’ debut. Alexa Bliss is recovering from a nasal injury, which is believed to be the main reason for her absence. Although she is healing quickly, she hasn’t fully recovered and couldn’t return to the ring in time for Wyatt Sicks’ debut. Instead of being on Raw when Wyatt Sicks appeared, she was visiting Disneyland with her family. This led many to believe that Bliss would have no connection to Wyatt Sicks. However, the new rumours have rekindled interest in the idea, and fans are excited about this possible development.

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