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Scarlett Johansson Vs OpenAI GPT-4o: Who Wins?

Scarlett Johansson’s lawyers are demanding that OpenAI explain how it developed an AI voice assistant named “Sky” that sounds strikingly like her. Her team has sent two letters to OpenAI seeking details about the process. This follows a live demo of “Sky” that drew comparisons to Johansson’s voice from the 2013 movie “Her,” which features a man falling in love with a computer’s voice. OpenAI’s CEO, Sam Altman, who loves the movie “Her,” fueled the comparisons by mentioning the film on social media. However, OpenAI later denied any connection to Johansson and suddenly pulled the voice, citing the need to address questions about how voices were chosen.

Johansson revealed that Altman had been trying to get her to license her voice for the AI assistant for months, but she declined. She was shocked when the company launched “Sky” with a voice she says is eerily similar to hers. OpenAI paused using “Sky” out of respect for Johansson, claiming they had already cast the voice actor before contacting her. Johansson emphasized the need for transparency and legal protections around the use of creative work in AI. OpenAI later stated that “Sky” was developed using another actress’s voice, whose identity is kept private.

The new AI, called GPT-4o, can interpret emotions, detect facial expressions, and even sing. It will be available soon, with different voices developed in collaboration with actors. Google also announced its own AI assistant, “Project Astra,” which is more straightforward compared to OpenAI’s playful “Sky.” Experts warn that advanced AI voices could lead to people forming emotional connections with machines, echoing the plot of “Her.” They stress the importance of understanding the implications of such technology on society.

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