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How To Create Fake WhatsApp Chat Screenshot

If you’re interested in tricking someone into believing you had a conversation with someone on WhatsApp, there’s a simple way to do it using a third-party app. This app, called WhatsFake, makes it easy to create fake WhatsApp chats for pranking your friends. All you need to do is enter the name of the person you want to fake a chat with and add a photo. Then, the app will generate a fake WhatsApp conversation that looks just like a real one.

With WhatsFake, you have control over both sides of the conversation. The app even includes features like displaying blue ticks to indicate that messages were read by the recipient. You can also send and receive photos within the fake chat. Additionally, you can set fake “typing” statuses and create fake delivery and seen signs. All of these features combined make the fake chat seem incredibly realistic.

How can I make a fake WhatsApp chat screenshot without downloading any third-party app?

Below I have shared a website link which can be seen after clicking on the “View Link” button. After clicking on the “View Link” button you have to wait 10 seconds. Then you have to paste that link in your browser. And yes, you can create fake screenshots of Facebook and Instagram along with WhatsApp from that website.

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