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Scarlett Johansson is the latest investor in HumanCo, a new food company that’s raised millions

Guess who’s bringing Hollywood flair to the world of natural foods? It’s Scarlett Johansson! Yep, the actress has teamed up with HumanCo, a cool company all about healthy eats. Scarlett’s not just investing; she’s also lending her creative talents to Snow Days, their pizza-pocket brand. Why did Scarlett hop on board? Well, she believes that enjoying tasty food with loved ones shouldn’t come with any guilt trips. And she’s right! HumanCo’s brainchild, Jason Karp, started out with Hu chocolate, a clean-label treat that turned heads. Despite doubters, Jason’s vision paid off big time when he sold Hu for a jaw-dropping $340 million.

Now, he’s on a mission to shake up the food industry with more wholesome options. HumanCo isn’t just about one product—it’s a hub for better-for-you brands. Think of it as the next-gen version of big names like Unilever. They’re all about making healthy living easier for everyone. But here’s the kicker: even with so many food companies claiming to be healthy, it’s still tough for folks to know what’s really good for them. Jason blames it on mixed messages and a lack of options in stores.

That’s where HumanCo steps in. They’re taking charge by acquiring brands like Coconut Bliss and Monty’s, known for their plant-based goodies. And they’re cooking up new creations too, like Snow Days, with its cassava-based crust. Yum! So, thanks to Scarlett and the team at HumanCo, we’ve got even more delicious and guilt-free options to enjoy. Now, that’s something to celebrate!

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