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Bliss & Cross vs. Carmella & Brooke – Women’s Tag Team Title Match: SmackDown, April 24

On April 24, 2020, SmackDown fans were treated to an electrifying Women’s Tag Team Title Match featuring Bliss & Cross taking on the formidable duo of Carmella & Brooke. The atmosphere was charged with anticipation as Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross defended their titles against two hungry challengers eager to make their mark in the women’s tag team division. Bliss and Cross, known for their uncanny chemistry and dynamic partnership, entered the ring with palpable confidence. Their reign as champions had been marked by a series of hard-fought victories, showcasing their resilience and ability to adapt to various styles of opponents. On the other side, Carmella and Dana Brooke, both seasoned competitors with unique skill sets, posed a significant threat to the champions.

Carmella’s agility and cunning in the ring, combined with Brooke’s raw power and athleticism, created a formidable challenge for the reigning champions. From the opening bell, the match was a showcase of high-energy action and strategic maneuvers. Bliss and Cross utilized their well-honed teamwork, executing tandem moves that kept their opponents on the defensive. Cross’s relentless energy and Bliss’s calculated aggression complemented each other perfectly, allowing them to maintain control for significant portions of the match. Carmella and Brooke, however, were not to be underestimated. They demonstrated their own brand of synergy, with Carmella’s quick strikes and evasive tactics setting up opportunities for Brooke to unleash her powerhouse offence.

There were moments when it seemed the challengers might seize the titles, particularly during a sequence where Brooke’s impressive strength nearly secured a pinfall. As the match progressed, the intensity only escalated. Near falls and dramatic counters had the audience on the edge of their seats, with both teams refusing to back down. In a pivotal moment, Bliss and Cross’s experience as a team shone through. A well-timed distraction by Cross allowed Bliss to hit a decisive Twisted Bliss from the top rope, securing the hard-fought victory and retaining their titles. The match was a testament to the competitive spirit of the WWE Women’s Tag Team division, highlighting the depth of talent and the thrilling nature of tag team wrestling. Bliss & Cross vs. Carmella & Brooke left fans buzzing with excitement, underscoring why the Women’s Tag Team Titles are such a coveted prize in WWE.

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