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You Won’t Believe How Many Dancers Nora Fatehi Has Inspired!

Actress Nora Fatehi has just released a new song named after herself. Rajit Dev, the choreographer of the video, shares, “This is Nora’s first international song, introducing her to a global audience. The video tells Nora’s story—Moroccan by heritage, raised in Canada, and successful in the Indian film industry. It’s about her journey and how she connects different cultures through art.” The music video, directed by Abderafia, was shot in Morocco and features a lot of Moroccan percussion.

Dev explains, “The song has a strong Moroccan influence, but Nora wanted to blend in her Canadian and Indian styles. I was asked to create a fusion of these three cultures. The choreography includes commercial hip-hop to represent Canada, traditional Indian styles, and Moroccan dance. For the hook step, I used garba because the music naturally led me to that style.”

Rajit Dev and Nora Fatehi have a history of successful collaborations, with hits like “Zaalim,” “Pachtaoge,” “Chhod Denge,” “Dirty Little Secret,” the FIFA World Cup anthem, and “Pepeta.” Dev believes their success comes from mutual respect and trust in each other’s creativity. “Nora has immense belief in my work. Our projects always have a lot of positivity, which makes them special,” he says. In this new song, Nora aims to showcase her diverse background and bring together different cultural elements through her music and dance, making it a unique and personal project.

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