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Sukesh Chandrasekhar’s Explosive New Love Letter to Jacqueline Fernandez – You Won’t Believe What He Said!

Alleged conman Sukesh Chandrashekhar, currently in Delhi’s Mandoli jail for a Rs 200 crore extortion case, has written another love letter to Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez. In this new letter, Sukesh referred to Jacqueline as his “baby” and expressed how much he misses her. He praised her look at Cannes 2024 and revealed that he has named a star after her, comparing her to the celestial body. “My Baby Girl, Jacqueline, I’ve been missing you like crazy.

You stole the show in Cannes; your gold look was too pretty to handle. I have a surprise for you today: a star named after you. Now, the whole world can see your star in the constellation of Leo,” Sukesh wrote. He continued, “This star will live forever, like our love. I hear ‘Yimmy Yimmy’ a hundred times a day and see the love in your eyes in the video. Today, I’m giving you a star, my love.” Sukesh further expressed his deep affection, saying, “I would do everything to make you feel special. I hope you feel my love when you read this. I miss you, my Baby Boo.”

Despite Jacqueline repeatedly denying any romantic relationship with Sukesh, she is an accused in the case and has been questioned by the Enforcement Directorate multiple times. Earlier this year, Jacqueline accused Sukesh of using the media to defame her and alleged harassment but later withdrew her plea. Despite the romantic declarations, the situation remains complicated. Jacqueline Fernandez continues to distance herself from Sukesh Chandrashekhar, maintaining her denial of any romantic involvement. As the legal proceedings unfold, the truth behind their relationship and the extortion case will eventually come to light. In the meantime, Sukesh’s letters add another layer to this ongoing saga.

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