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Nora Fatehi defends herself on her ‘feminism’ statement

Nora Fatehi recently faced criticism for her comments on feminism, which she defended on Instagram. In response to a user who accused her of having a “surface level of understanding about feminism,” she clarified that her remarks were about “radicalized feminism, toxic feminism, and the extremism of gender roles.” Her controversial view on feminism was initially expressed in a podcast with YouTuber Ranveer Allabadia, where she stated that feminism has had a negative impact on society and emphasized women’s roles as “nurturers.” Following the podcast, many people criticized Nora for her interpretation of feminism, pointing out that her ability to work is a result of feminist progress.

A part of the podcast video shared on her Instagram featured a user explaining that feminism allows women to decide their own paths. The user commented, “As someone who has a lot of influence, it is important that you truly understand what you’re talking about before you talk about it because young girls look up to you. I hope you look into feminism with an open mind. It definitely did not mess up society like you said.” Nora responded by agreeing with the foundation of feminism but reiterated that her critique was aimed at “radicalized feminism and toxic feminism and the extremism of gender roles in our society.” In the podcast, she stated, “This idea of ‘I-don’t-need-anybody’ feminism, I don’t believe in this s**t.

In fact, I think feminism f****d up our society completely. The idea of being inherently completely independent and not having to get married and have kids and not having the male and female dynamics at home where the man is the provider, a breadwinner and the woman is the nurturer. I don’t believe in people who think that. That’s not true.” She continued, “I think women are nurturers. Yes, they should go to work and have their own life and be independent, but to a certain extent.” On the work front, Nora’s latest appearance was in director Kunal Kemmu’s movie “Madgaon Express,” which received great reviews and also starred Divyenndu, Pratik Gandhi, and Avinash Tiwary in important roles.

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